Holidays are a time for family and friends to gather, and often a board or card game is pulled out to play. When I was young, we used to play a game where you raced marbles around the board to make it home while enjoying Christmas treats.

When we played Monopoly, we always took all the fines and fees from the Community Chest and Chance cards and put them in the middle of the board on Free Parking. When someone landed on the Free Parking spot, they got all the cash in the middle.

I accepted this as the rules because my older sister told me this is how to play.  But, that method of play is not in the rules!  In fact, so many people play this way, that game maker Hasbro added a 'House Rules' section to the game acknowledging some of modified rules folks employ.

Watch this video to see all the rules that are rarely followed or are twisted in the way most people play the game.