Ok so this one is for all my friends out there with an extra $55,615.00 dollars just sitting around burning a hole in their pockets.

If you love Iowa and you also love sports I have the best gift you can probably ever imagine, the wooden basketball floor from the Iowa Hawkeyes was recently for sale over on www.GovDeals.com and it looks like they were priced to sell that is if you have way to much money and a whole lot of storage space. After all taxes and buyer fees the grand total came out to $55,615.00 dollars!


Yes this is a great piece of sports history and yes I would love to own even just a seat from the great arena, but that is a huge price tag just to have your friends over for random pickup games or a wild game of H.O.R.S.E, o well to each their own, also as a side bar once you get it setup mystery buyer, please invite me over, I'm great in the paint and can box out like no other, just make sure that you have some sports drink at the ready, and maybe even a concession stand as well. Put me in coach I'm ready for the big time.