I remember the first rumor of a Five Guys Burgers and Fries, and immediately my mouth started to salivate.

It was originally rumored to be going into the Wendy's building on West Kimberly outside the Walmart. Almost as soon as the rumor started, it was quickly debunked. Then it came out that, yes Five Guys was coming to Davenport but not in that location.

A friend of had told me he saw a sign on Utica Ridge Rd, so as I was driving today I made sure to keep my eyes open for it. Then, sure enough, there was some construction and as I passed I saw this sign along side the road.

It was small, but I knew what that logo was:

Townsquare Media
Google Maps

I can't wait for this to open. Now we just need a Lou Malnati's and we'll be set.