When I moved back three and a half years ago, I never thought so many of my friends would be doing this.

It's been like a continual high school reunion somehow morphed with Nashville. Between all the people I've met along the way in radio and the people I know but didn't realize were serious musicians (career), I am both amazed and blessed.

If you recall, a few weeks ago, The Cory Rowe Band came to Red Rodeo in The District Rock Island. I interviewed them in studio, aired their live performance and took pics at the show. These guys were like instant family.

post interview in the Hawk's Nest studios

Once they shared my blog about their performance, this guy named Will commented, "...that's my hometown!" I thought I recognized the name and realized I went to school with him at Rockridge. I remember him playing guitar in band but didn't recognize Will.  I only remembered THIS Will:

Will Gustafson at Rockridge High School. I have his full permission to use this pic. I had to, it's classic!

Will went on to play locally in the Quad Cities for several years after high school. Little did I know, until 3 days ago, he helped start Dirt Road Rockers, one of bands we have done several events with. In fact, Dirt Road Rockers will be at Red Rodeo this Friday, March 18, 2016.

After that, he decided to pick up and move to Nashville, where he had opportunities to travel internationally playing. He's been to Korea for 8 months, Ecuador and Puerto Rico.

Will currently resides in Nashville but is playing the blues tomorrow night at My Place Pub in Des Moines and back to the Quad Cities, Saturday night with another Rockridge alum, Derek Frank. They'll be playing live country music at Red Rodeo in The District Rock Island this Saturday night, March 19th.

Come to find out, there are more local musicians who have moved on to music careers who I know or have gone to school with. The Quad Cities is certainly a musical hub for many and it shows with places like River Music Experience and Daytrotter.

If I am missing anyone, please let me know. I love connecting with my old friends and music. It's what I do.