Toys from the 1960s were dangerous by today's standards.

So many of us love romanticizing the "good ol days" of the '50s, '60s and '70s. While there were some principles I can agree with, toy safety, lead pain, mercury in gasoline and others, I cannot.

Here are several of the toys that no parent I know would allow their children to play with in 2016.

Super Elastic Bubble Plastic. With chemicals found in glue and nail polish remover, which translates as toxic fumes, what's not to love?! Plus the manufacturer is called Wham-O, which always reminds of the Sham-Wow guy and that absolutely does nothing for validity, for me.


Creepy Crawlers. More toxic fumes and a 300 degree Fahrenheit hot plate, nothing says 'child safety' more!


Water Wiggle. Now this one, I think, simulates the whipping water-action of what it's like giving a 2 year old a hose. Like an angry tentacle spraying water, well, you can see how easily dangerous this one is ... and Wham-O strikes again.