You don't often hear many folks out there overly excited about being from our wonderful state of Iowa. Many other states tend to bash on the state for being a flat uneventful place to live. I personally try to find happiness in everything even if it is rows and rows of corn.

But what about the people who take Iowa and what we lack and make it fun? some folks over on have made it so with funny and topical shirts aimed at all of us here in the middle of the map.

some of my favorites are:

1. Made in Iowa for babies

2. Being from Iowa is better T shirt

3. Skiing in Iowa. (my favorite one)

Now this is just a taste of the many options you can order from the website, and I currently have 5 items in my shopping cart. Buy a t-shirt or maybe a hoodie and show everyone that we aren't just Idiots Out Wandering Around.

Head over to Amazon and see the full list of all things Iowa by following the link HERE.