You're definitely a Quad Citizen if you own these five things:

1. John Deere Hat

Standard QC uniform.

2. Iowa Sweatshirt 

Even if you don't watch college sports, this sweatshirt has still probably ended up in your closet. Maybe it just magically appears once you move to the Quads.

3. Life Jacket

There's a lot of water in the QC. Even if you don't own your own boat, you know someone who does.

4. Car Blanket

With temperatures getting below zero in the winter months, every 16-year-old Quad Cities kid has had their mom tell them to make sure they have a blanket in the car in case they break down or get stuck in the snow.

5. Bug Soother

Almost every QC home has a bottle of locally-made Bug Soother handy to keep gnats away.