With all the topics that desperately need the attention of our legislators, he wasted time on this?

With issues of urgent matter and care being held up in Iowa, like medical cannabis legalization for patients who desperately need the help of this plant yesterday, Iowa Rep.Steve King (R) proposed an amendment to keep Harriet Tubman off of the $20 bill.


It was already decided and announced by the Treasury Department in April, that in 2020 - the 100th anniversary of women's right to vote -  that Harriet Tubman would replace former President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

As far as my thoughts on the matter go, I am going to leave this for you right here and propose Harriet Tubman be put on the $100 bill, nothing personal to old Ben.


it's an extremely archaic mindset to leave things how they are and not 'mess' with it because it's always been that way wrapped in 'because I'm a conservative,' as if that is a great excuse for everything. The 1700's called. They want Rep. King back.

He is also wasting time complaining about Meatless Mondays for our troops.


Personally, I think our troops should get to eat the finest meals and eat whatever they want for all they do and sacrifice. It's King's attacks that make me wonder why he is even in office when so many more pressing issues are at-hand.