When Seinfeld staff writer Dan O'Keefe related the story of his family's unique holiday quirk to Jerry Seinfeld, he never thought it would become an actual episode of the iconic comedy show. And once it was written, he fought against airing it, fearing it would bomb with viewers. After all, it talked about 'airing grievances' around a pole, and demonstrating 'feats of strength.'

Little did O'Keefe know that the Festivus episode aired in 1997 would start a whole new holiday for people who didn't identify with Christmas, Hannukah, or any of the other holidays celebrated through the December-January period.

Many folks gravitate towards Festivus because of it's non-secular roots, and for the ability to stage a fun celebration in the workplace that won't offend anyone.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year, I hope you have a safe, happy holiday.

Here are 9 1/2 fun Festivus facts to put you in the spirit.