Jennifer Nettles remembers having just five minutes to convince Jennifer Lopez to sing on "My House," the last song on her new Playing With Fire album. Now she has a new friend, collaborator and recipe for fried chicken.

Big Machine Label Group president Scott Borchetta asked Lopez to spend a few minutes with Nettles during this most recent season of American Idol. Borchetta and Nettles had been talking about his Latin projects, and she reminded him she was fluent in Spanish. She even once hitchhiked through Central America!

Borchetta asked Nettles who she'd love to work with and before the 41-year-old knew it she was knocking on J-Lo's American Idol trailer door. "I just pitched her this idea for a song about unity and about how we're more alike than we are different," Nettles says in the video above.

"At the end of the day the things that keep us up in the middle of the night with worry, or that we dream for our kids or make us laugh ... those are all the same."

"My House" takes that idea head on, with Nettles even calling herself Jenny from the Dirt Road at one point before Lopez answers with "I'm Jenny from the block."

“My house is your house / Same dirty laundry, same dirty dishes / My house is your house / Air it all out, sort out the issues / I love to sing, I love to dance / We’re making memories, we’re making plans / With the same prayers / Same hurt, same love same work / The places we come from may feel so distant But we’re really not that different.”

Horns give the song a Latin feel, but when they were done they shared an all-American meal. Nettles says she was surprised by how good a hostess Lopez was. "She was so, so generous," she says. "We had fried chicken and rice and beans and it was delicious and I asked her for the recipe."

"She's a fantastic hostess and such a kind, kind woman."

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