Let's sit down together with pics and video and I'll tell you the story of my epic ACM weekend.

This is one trip I will never forget. I am in awe over all that I got to see and who I got to meet over the weekend in Las Vegas. I want to thank my long-time radio colleague, Kris Wexell, for asking me to go with him this year. It was a bucket-list item I never knew how I'd fulfill, but thanks to him, I've been able to scratch that off my list. I'll always be grateful I got to go this weekend.

Before I share the awesomeness, though, I want to be upfront and real with you about something.

I am being switched from The Hawk, back over to my Top 40 sister-station, B100 (99.7) during the afternoons from 2 p.m. - 7 p.m. That is a tough line to write. It was the hardest thing for me to tell you. But, now that I have, we can move forward. While you won't be hearing me as often on The Hawk, I will still be here on the weekends and at all the events I usually see you at. After more than a year here, everything about country music is forever ingrained in my heart, and that also includes you. Thank you for listening and for being some of the best people I could know. When you feel like some pop music, just come on over and catch me there.


Switching gears once again, back to the ACM weekend, I am still jet-lagged today but riding the high of this weekends events. From my Trace Adkins run-in at the MGM lobby, to LOCASH's warm welcome and thinking they knew me (but didn't), and even getting to hang with Lee Brice for a little while, all is being filed in my 'forever' memory bank.

I also got the walk the red carpet and help with commentary for a friend of mine on his radio station.