Kacey Musgraves takes her style in a different direction with a take on electronic R&B artist's Miguel's “Waves." The remix features Musgraves' signature vocals in hyperdrive, alternating between tight harmonies with Miguel and providing the catchy melody.

The song is a dancey tune with a driving beat and layered synths — a total departure from Musgraves’ typical throwback country-western style. She makes it work, though, prompting fans to wonder where this side of the "Merry Go Round" has been.

The song was released late at night on Feb. 25, and it's quickly racking up views on YouTube. While this is a wildly different approach for the country singer, Musgraves is no stranger to a pop song. She did a Crossroads special with Katy Perry, and she’s also been covering interesting songs in her live sets lately, including Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” The hit from 2006 got a country makeover while the singer was on the Cayamo Cruise.

Musgraves is currently on her 2016 leg of the Kacey Musgraves Country and Western Rhinestone Revue, which runs through March. Though she released a new record last year, Pageant Material, she’s always writing, and she revealed one of her new tunes at a show recently called “Five Finger Discount,” which recalls an unpleasant experience when she first moved to Nashville in which a friend began stealing her clothes and posting photos of herself wearing them online. The quirky, sassy tune is exactly what Musgraves is known and loved for.

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