Kelly Clarkson recently welcomed her second child, an adorable baby boy, to her family, and fans have been dying to see how the little guy has grown since she posted a photo when he was born in April. Clarkson finally shared a glimpse of Remy this week on Instagram, and he’s all smiles — even after having just gotten a shot!

Clarkson hashtagged the photo #RemyBaintworried and #wemakeunicornbabies, noting the rarity of Remy's pleasant demeanor despite the circumstances. Remy — who looks just like his mother — joins big sister River Rose, who must also carry the gene of remaining non-plussed by typical agitations. Clarkson’s husband Brandon Blackstock has two older children as well, and the four of them together, Clarkson says, could take on the Von Trapps as a family band.

Now that she’s adjusting to the changes in her family life, the singer has been making some big changes in her career, as well. Clarkson recently announced she is joining Atlantic records after a long contract with RCA, the label with whom she signed after she won American Idol more than a decade ago. Clarkson says she can’t wait to make a record with her new label and plans on releasing a soulful album.

“They love every part of my personality as far as, like, all my colors,” she explained in a video announcement. “I love the country side of me, and I love the Broadway side of me, and I love the pop side of me and the soulful side of me, and they are down to make really whatever record I’m into, which is real rare, so I’m super-excited about it.”

Along with the news came a new website, where Clarkson is releasing several unique covers of songs from a variety of genres and will continue to release new tracks monthly. Clarkson is open about the fact that she loves all kinds of musical styles and says she promises to release a country record, a welcome addition considering her past work with artists like Jason Aldean and Reba McEntire.

“I had a pop record left on my contract, so we decided to put this one out first,” Clarkson tells Time magazine. “But I will have a country album that will come out. I always tell people I might do Broadway one day, I might do an R&B album. I just like music. It doesn’t just stop at just one genre."

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