We've tallied up the votes from our Halloween Costume Contest and we have a winner. Our winner is "Here to Protect" submitted by pet parent  Gwendolyn Bartoluzz. Here to protect won with 30% of the vote. Our winner was chosen by which entry got the most votes. Gwendolyn wins our $100 gift card to Bent River Brewing Company!

All the photos submitted were great. Thanks to everyone who entered. Scroll below to see the five top vote getting photos. I've posted them below:


  • 1

    Here to Protect

    "Here to Protect" Pet Parent: Gwendolyn Bartoluzzi

    Gwendolyn Bartoluzzi
  • 2

    Milo the Monster

    "Milo the Monster" 

    Andrew Griffin
  • 3

    Carlito Chiquito Chihuahua

    Pet parent: Gwen Naylor
    Gwen Naylor
  • 4

    The Smallest Cowboy in Town

    Jennifer Lohse
  • 5

    Organ Grinder and Monkey

    "Organ Grinder and Monkey" Becky Blumer Navota

    Becky Blumer Navota