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Our Pet of the Week is Bun Affleck. He's a bunny that's adoptable from the Humane Society of Scott County. He's ten weeks old and still growing. Because the humane society doesn't know what his breed is; they can't predict how big he'll get. He also has two brothers available for adoption as well. They're named Rabbit De Niro and David Hasslehop.

Bun loves to cuddle and he likes to be carried places. If you're looking for a different kind of animal that'll sit in your lap while you pet it, Bun could be your guy. Rabbits are great for people looking for a first pet; or someone who lives in an apartment. They're quiet. They can get all their exercise hopping around a living room for a couple of hours a night. And they're a calmer small animal that makes them easy to socialize with humans. Click the link for info on the Humane Society of Scott County if you want to learn more about Bun or his brothers.