Lee Brice is equally known for his songwriting skills as he is his career as an artist, and both of these talents were portrayed during his set on Thursday (Aug. 4) at WE Fest 2016 in Detroit Lakes, Minn., where the singer-songwriter took the stage for a versatile 70-minute performance that spanned his catalog.

"It has been hot as hell everywhere else we've been but tonight is perfect," Brice said midway through his performance as the sun set on the 70-degree day. "We're going back to an oldie but a goodie. This is the first song I had on radio."

And with that, donning a ball cap and sunglasses, he performed "She Ain't Right" before segueing into fan favorite "Beer."

"Here's one of my favorite sounds in the whole world," Brice said prefacing "Beer" as he cracked one open. He then tossed a can to a fan in the front row to enjoy. Later, he urged the audience to raise their glasses in the air for a song that's "near and dear to my heart," his 2014 hit "Drinking Class."

Always the songwriter, Brice often shared the stories behind his tracks during his set including "More Than a Memory" and "Crazy Girl"— both songs he wrote about his college girlfriends that Garth Brooks and Eli Young Band recorded, respectively.

"My hero recorded this song and that blew my mind," he said of the poignant "More Than a Memory."

Brice also shared that WE Fest 2016 headliner Eric Church wrote his song "Life Off My Years." As Brice explains, the song perfectly describes how he lives his every day.

"Tomorrow is not promised so we've gotta enjoy every day we've got," he said.

In addition to keeping the festivities going at WE Fest, Brice asked the audience to pause the party to celebrate all the soldiers who protect our country before singing the poignant "I Drive Your Truck" as the entire grounds lit up from cell phones. The highlight, though, was Brice's closing song "I Don't Dance." At first, he took the stage alone to perform. As he belted each lyric it was obvious that every word is still meaningful to him. The sentimental ballad showcases his depth as a songwriter, as well as his ability as an artist to silence a rowdy festival.

WE Fest 2016 runs through Aug. 6 in Detroit Lakes, Minn., with headliners Church, Kid Rock and Tim McGraw.