Only 1 of 6 canvas ceiling painting in the U.S. found in Moline, IL.

Have you ever tried to rediscover the Quad  Cities?

One of the philosophies in life I hold near and dear to me, is that, it's an adventure. Nothing too profound there, I admit. But, our vantage point plays a huge role in our approach to nearly everything. You can cease the moments and look at the little things as an adventure or it can pass you by.

I wasn't expecting Saturday morning to turn into the adventure it did, but I was happy I lived it.  After a late Friday night with gal pals (another adventure) to an impromtu movie theater run in our pjs, I decided to sleep in but get up in time to meet up with my dance partner from Dancing with the QC Stars.

We hadn't seen one another since the show and a definite catch up was in order. Aside from dancing in the aisles of Greatest Grains in Davenport, IA.(we couldn't help ourselves), we decided to go on an adventure after we ate.

As we discussed the various ways we feed our souls, whether through yoga, meditation, talking to friends, etc.. I wanted to show him a place I go to for solitude, You know, that 'secret place' we all have, whether to cry our eyes out or to get away from the rest of the world to think or relax, I was willing to share the 'secret' place.

As we approached this place (oh, come on, you didn't actually think I was going tell you?!!), the crack of the sticks beneath our feet, alerted the two deer grazing by tree less than 100 feet from us. Beauty in nature is a sight to behold. They stared at us, and we started at them, marveling at the sight, before they gently trotted off into the woods.

I decided to take him to a place he had never been before. The Ben Butterworth Center in Moline, IL. has been one of the coolest places I have been in the last 3 years, and it's right here in the Quad Cities! I love the ambiance, the art and the stories that go with the house. Thankfully, we had a tour guide to show us the magnificent Italian painting that was shipped from a small ballroom in Venice, to this house. It is so huge that I had to lay on my back, on the floor to be able to appreciate the full work.

No matter where you are in the QC, you can find adventure. It's all around you!