Carrie Underwood will reprise her popular 'Sunday Night Football' theme before the Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb. 1). The new version has been revealed early. Fans can now hear 'Waiting All Day for a Super Bowl Fight.'

"Alright hold on tight, it's finally here / Super Bowl Sunday kickin' into high gear," Underwood sings. "Hey jack it's a fact the champ's getting crowned / The Patriots and Seahawks and the final showdown / The whole world's rockin' time to crank up the sound."

It's the classic tag line that brings it home: "We've been waiting all day for a Super Bowl fight / Lay it on the line just to get through the night."

Underwood wraps up her second season singing the theme song for NBC's 'Sunday Night Football' on Sunday, before the big game in Phoenix, Ariz. She took over the job when Faith Hill stepped aside, and has often gushed about how much she enjoys it. It's not clear if she'll actually be at the game to sing. The very-pregnant 'Little Toy Guns' singer does say she can't wait to watch it, however.

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