We want to give you a KIIK 104.9 beanie hat, but we're going to make you work for it.

Finish this line:

"I love KIIK 104.9 because....." or create your one phrase or sentence about why you love listening to KIIK 104.9.

Record an audio clip or video of you, you and your family or co-workers telling us why you love KIIK and we'll put it on the air and give you a free KIIK 104.9 beanie.

Here's that sweet lid.

KIIK 104.9 Beanie/Townsquare Media photo

Here's how you can win.

1. Record an audio or video clip on your phone of you, you and your friends, family or co-workers finishing this line: "I/we love KIIK 1049 because....." or create your own 'liner' telling us what you love about our station.

2. Send us the clip in the form below, post on our Facebook page, or email your clip to tami@kiik1049.com

3. Get your clip to us by Jan. 17th @ 5 p.m.

4. We'll choose winner(s) and include your promo on our website the week of Jan. 18. You'll win a KIIK 104.9 beanie and a chance for your clip get played on our station.

Here are some tips:

-You can record the audio by locating the 'voice memos' app which might be in your phone's 'Extras" folder. Launch the 'voice memos' and tap the red circle. Save your file and send.

-Mention KIIK 104.9 like this "Kick 1-oh-4-9" and not "Kick 1-zero 4 point nine."

-If you send a video, try to exclude any logos from beverages or slogans on your shirts.

-Have fun and give us plenty of ENERGY!

Get creative and send us your best audio or video of reasons why you love KIIK 104.9.

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