Maren Morris finally introduces us to her beloved vehicle in her new video for "80s Mercedes," taking it for a spin through a backdrop of vivid sunsets and neon lights.

The singer-songwriter begins the trip alone — save for the hula girl on the dash, of course — but gradually adds and subtracts friends and a hunky love interest scene by scene as they explore the night.

Her retro take on modern style is clearly evident in her wardrobe as she poses with the car, lies on the hood and cruises through the streets, radiating the subtle-yet-sexy confidence she’s become known for. The lyrics of the undeniably catchy, smooth tune come alive in the video — a perfect fit for the feel-good song.

“80s Mercedes” is Morris’ second single from her album Hero, following her No. 1 debut hit, “My Church.” She’s quickly becoming an artist to watch in country music as her career takes off thanks to her songwriting prowess and strong vocals. She recently sat down with fellow country stars Kacey Musgraves, Cam, Mickey Guyton and others to talk about sexism in the industry, and admitted she has been surprised at the reaction to her sometimes-coarse lyrical choices.

“I’m so flattered when people laugh at my songs because I use the word ‘sh–’ in them, but it shouldn’t be that shocking, because it’s like real-life conversation,” she explains.

Morris is currently on the road with Keith Urban as part of his Ripcord Tour, which continues through the fall. Check out the full video for “80s Mercedes” above.

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