Joni gets a surprise interview with Warner Music Nashville Recording Artist Michael Ray

Michael Ray's jumping in The Hawk's Nest with Jay and I today and you can join us.

It's among my favorite memories this year. The ACM awards. My first awards show.

I expect magic and miracles to happen almost daily. I have a fervor for life that takes me down roads less-traveled and certainly, down those roads, are surprises. Most are excellent reminders of just how exciting life can be.

Like this guy. Michael Ray. He's quickly climbing up the charts in country music with his talent (his good looks never hurt a thing, either). But it's his fun attitude and kind spirit that makes him even more of gem. I know this because of our meeting at the ACMs. It was an absolute highlight to be on Facebook live and have Michael Ray walk up and jump on there with me. I told him about Red Rodeo, The Hawk and the upcoming show today.

And it's finally here.

Even better, is now, he will be here with me. Never did I think in the moments of our short encounters (yes, there was more than one run-in. We literally kept bumping into each-other that night).

Join us on Facebook LIVE in the 3pm hour. We have a few goodies we want to send your way but only if you're on there with us.

TONIGHT join us at Red Rodeo in The District Rock Island, IL for his show.

Tickets just $15 at the door tonight. Great drink specials too.

Catch the Michael Ray action starting at 18 mins in. :)