Don't mess with Miranda Lambert — especially when she's performing. A few unruly men learned this lesson the hard way at the singer's show on Aug. 5 at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in Irvine, Calif.

Lambert was about to sing her 2009 hit "White Liar" when several guys near the front row began to heckle her. She wouldn't have it, however, and quickly asked security to take care of the situation.

“We’ll continue our song in just a second when these guys are done being our opening act,” she told the audience as her band continued playing the instrumentals for the song.

Security escorted the guys out of the pit area. Lambert addressed the interruption again, saying, “Okay, sorry. Sometimes you just have to ditch a douchebag every now and then!" One fan caught the disruption in a minute-long video and posted it to Twitter, as seen above.

The "Vice" Singer has had a difficult week of concerts. Last weekend, Lambert teared up several times during a concert in Tinley Park, Ill.

People reports that while Lambert was singing her 2012 single “Over You” — which she co-wrote with ex-husband Blake Shelton — she broke down in tears. The audience had to help her finish the song. She and Shelton wrote the song together about Shelton’s experience losing his older brother in a car accident when he was a teen.

Lambert told her audience earlier in the night that she was suffering with cramps and was feeling hormonal. “I told you I was a mess,” she said. She cried again during a performance of the heartfelt “The House That Built Me" later in the show.

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