He didn't know he was the opening act for her.

And on the 12th day of her broken arm, she scores a famous signature.

All of my children are amazing to be but one, in particular, will likely rule the world some day. If you met her, there is no mistaking it. She owns every room she enters, she says things that you'll never forget (likely because you can't stop laughing) and has a dynamic personality that causes most people to comment, 'I can't wait to see what she is going to be when she grows up.'


I do house announcements and opening intros for concerts at the new Rhythm City Casino on Elmore Avenue in Davenport. Like many events, I am blessed to be able to bring my kiddos with me so they get to meet a celebrity or see a show. I love being able to do that and am always blown away by the hospitality of both the venue and the artists and their teams. Eddie Money, this past Saturday, was no exception.

His band pretty much gave my daughter whatever she wanted from their food and beverage table. His guitar player hung out and shared his chips with her, the other band members were high-fiving and asking her about her cast, and the keyboard/pianist had her give him the 'good luck' high five as he went on stage.

Eddie Money was a class act of his own. He made an exception of 'no autographs until after the show' just for her. He talked with her about how it happened and showed some real genuine care and concern. He listened intently and then proceeded to stand side stage and watch, whistle and cheer me on as I did announcements. In a sweet and funny way, Eddie Money apologized to me for 'getting so old.' He was so complimentary and really made my daughter feel 'cool,' even though she only knows him from the Geico commercial and from hearing me on our sister station, KIIK 104.9.

Now, she has Eddie Money's autograph right next to her Nana's signature. When I told her, she texted me back, 'I am sure he found out that he was just an opening act for her show.'