Cory Rowe kindly let me touch 'da beard'

This weekend was unforgettable at Red Rodeo.

The Friday lunch-hour interview with Cory Rowe band didn't end once they left the Hawk's Nest . Friday night was an unforgettable performance. Fans of country music and I got to hang out with them at Red Rodeo, the Quad Cities newest, live country music nightclub in the district, downtown Rock Island.

When Cory Rowe and crew walked into the studio, I just knew there was something magical about to happen. I can't place my finger on what it is, exactly. Maybe it's the 'Duck-Dynasty'-style beard, or the kindness in his blue eyes or maybe, just maybe, it's the fact that the entire band, Chuck Miracle, Lindsey Miller and Jimi Jones all have such a bond, that you can sense they not only love what they do, but they are completely and totally, in their element.

Separately, they are unique and talented all on their own. Together? They are dynamite. There is a synergy on the stage when they perform. It's not just something you see. It's also something you feel. Everyone felt it at Red Rodeo both Friday and Saturday nights. It wasn't just a show this time. It was an experience.