Because some bands are worth writing home to mama about. Were you at Red Rodeo?

Hi. I'm Joni. My socks were rocked all the way off. Completely. I even have the pics and video to prove it.

Jay Rush and a few other friends from our Quad Cities on Tap event at the QCCA Expo center in Rock Island, IL. went to Red Rodeo that night. We had a long and very fun day hanging with so many from the Quad Cities as 100 different ales, lagers and microbrews were available to taste.

Adairs Run jumped in the Hawk's Nest early that day and showed up to be with us before their performance at Red Rodeo in downtown Rock Island.

Oh, and these good ol boys are some of the biggest pranksters, too! They hacked my phone and Facebook account and started making comments and 'likes' to pictures. I was totally unaware until later in the night when someone said something about a comment I made. I said "I would never do that!! I have no clue what you are talking about!"  They fessed up.

Adairs Run brought the Nashville to the Quad Cities. In fact, at one point, some of the covers they did (like In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins), met my needs musically, that I almost cried. True story. Jay and I ended up laughing about my teary-eyed-ness so hard, that we both were nearly crying from laughter before it was all over. We had the greatest time with everyone and all at Red Rodeo. You should join us sometime. There's always room for you.

They just came out with a new album called Turn Back the Miles. Get it HERE.