When most people think of Iowa, they probably picture a slow pace of life, so it makes sense that Iowa City, Iowa would rank number two on the list of the Least Stressed Cities in America. (All of the students that attend school there may have to disagree, however).

Factors that were taken into account included a high rate of physical activity, a high number of entertainment establishments per 1,000 businesses, and high average of hours of sleep per night (again, students would probably beg to differ on that last one).

On the negative side, hours of work per week, the length of commute to work, unemployment rate, housing costs, and divorce rate were also analyzed. Apparently, Iowa City fares well in the all of those categories.

Boulder, Colorado took top prize on the list. One could assume this is due to the legalization of marijuana in the state (hard to be stressed when you're high), but it also could be due to the fact that it's settled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains, and has plenty of entertainment to offer.

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