If you've been shopping for it and can't find one, this weekend you can.With each year my children get older, I become more and more distanced from the hottest new 'kid toys' but one toy I know is a hot commodity, it's Hatchimals.

You can tell by the name, it's intriguing. The kiddos hatch their own and it's all bonding from there. It's the 'gotta have' for kiddos this Christmas that has left several stores with empty shelves and parents ripping their hair out, scouring the store for even a misplaced one in the produce section.

According to KWQC.com,

"Toys R Us on Sunday, December 18, 2016, will stock its shelves with the latest shipment of the red-hot toys, which will sell starting at 6 a.m. for $79.99. While that’s $20 more expensive than the suggested retail price, it’s lower than the going rate on eBay, where resellers are hawking the shelled creatures for more than $100."

The cost may be irrelevant to have victory on Christmas morning and leaving your kiddos jumping up and down and screaming, "I love you!'