Well guys as if you don't know already the world has literally been taken over by Pokemon GO over the last week, and even though the app is free it has earned Nintendo a rather nice chunk of change through in-app purchases.

Nintendo has been working on something even more amazing If you can believe that. Yesterday they announced a new device that will be out November 11th of this year, just in time for you to get trampled on during Black Friday. What is it ? Well its what they are calling the N.E.S Classic and it is designed to look like the first Nintendo counsel but half the size and will come pre loaded with 30 Games including Punch Out, The legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and all three Super Mario Bros. How cool is that?! Also the entire thing will only cost 60 BUCKS! surely making this one of the big sellers this year.

By the way, anyone who bought a bunch of Nintendo stock last week is loving life right now.  It was up 16% yesterday . . . and about SEVENTY-FIVE percent since "Pokemon Go" came out last Wednesday. Congrats on the new found success Nintendo. The 90s are alive and well again.