People that know me, (hopefully we are all getting to know one and other here) are aware that animals are a major passion of mine. I have been an animal lover as long as I can remember and have always surrounded myself with furry companions.

So, I thought using my blog space here would be a great way to try and help spread the word about animals looking for a forever home here in the Quad Cities.

Everyone naturally gravitates to kittens and puppies when they are looking to adopt. And why not, they are so cute, lovely and adorable. But, there are a lot of great older animals that have been displaced for any number of reasons that make wonderful companions. November is a month dedicated to adopting senior pets and I have found one that is looking for love and her new forever home.

This is Ginger. She is 13-years-old and is used to being with other kitties. She will do better in a home with older children or no children. You can find out more about her here or by stopping by The Quad City Animal Welfare Center's Adoption & Education Center. They are located at 724 2nd Avenue W. in Milan, IL. C'mon KIIK listeners let's get Ginger a new forever home.

The Quad City Animal Welfare Center