When you fly east out of the Quad Cities you have two choices - go through Detroit, or go through O'Hare in Chicago.  I will choose Detroit all the time, every time.  O'Hare, the second busiest airport in America (Atlanta is first), is notorious for delays, often for the most inane reasons.

Things don't look to be much better for O'Hare travelers during Thanksgiving Week. Five-hundred Service Employees International Union workers that handle baggage, and provide ground support, have voted to strike.

What seems to be at issue is a $15 hourly wage. What could be at risk is your Thanksgiving holiday. So, if you're traveling through O'Hare, be sure to leave yourself extra time for any delays caused by work action, or any of the other multiple causes of delays that make O'Hare such a dreadful experience... But, hey, Happy Holidays!