This lucky Iowa town has a secret.

With St. Patty's Day celebrations just around the corner, (join us for our St. Patty's Day concert) 'luck of the Irish' is on our minds. From the 'pot o' gold' at the end of the rainbow, to the hopes of drinking some fine Irish stout (which you can do plenty of at our upcoming Quad Cities on Tap), 'luck' always makes it way into conversation one way or another.

Not only is this town lucky for having never been struck by a tornado of any size, but according to a pretty in-depth report from WQAD's Eric Sorensen, there seems to be a pretty good reason. And he isn't bluffing.

"There is one town that lies farthest away from a tornado path: Green Island, Iowa. Green Island is a tiny community, of only a couple dozen people, in Jackson County. It's located east of US Highway 52, the town is tucked under a bluff near the Mississippi River."


Obviously, no where in Iowa or Illinois, is fully and completely 'safe' from tornadoes. It's just pretty cool to think about having some nature-made 'shielding' from them.

I would love to go see Green Island myself! In fact, I think when I am up at Jackson County Fair this summer to see Frankie Ballard and Parmalee, I just might keep driving to see it. Let's hope there aren't any tornado warnings that day, just in case.