Okay, I am seriously craving diner food right about now. Luckily, one of the tastiest greasy spoons in the whole country is practically in the QC's backyard.

According to Thrillist, Bluebird Diner in Iowa City is a seriously delicious spot that serves not only hungover college students but throngs of hungry visitors from all over Iowa each day. Here's the site's recommendation for what to order at Bluebird:

Do yourself a favor and get the huevos Epsteinos, a “cross-cultural collision” of homemade chili verde, smoked pork, Parmesan polenta, over-easy eggs, and hash browns. Bluebird calls what it does Midwestern soul food.

I visited Bluebird when I first moved to the QC and yes, it does live up to the hype. I only wish Davenport had something similar. A word of advice if you make the trip to Iowa City on a weekend, however: Bluebird is always packed to the gills. Get there early or be prepared to wait.

Check out some of Bluebird's scrumptious meals in these pics taken by Instagram users: