It's official. Pokémon Go fights crime. We definitely have enough proof from across the country at this point. This example comes from right in our own backyard in Illinois.

Two employees at a Walmart in Salem, Illinois were walking around outside the store during their break on Tuesday, playing "Pokemon Go".  Hey, at least they waited until they were on break and after firing up the app they all got a lead on a good Pokémon that led them to the garden center.

This is where the story gets interesting , as the duo rounds the corner they come in contact with Terrance Laughhunn, who at the time had a bunch of chainsaws, weed eaters, and yard equipment, and  was pushing all the stuff underneath the fence into the parking lot where his vehicle was parked nearby. Apparently, his plan was the old grab as much stuff as possible and run. Well, thanks to our two awesome PokeTrainers and the fact they had their cell phones at the ready, Terrance is now sitting in jail for burglary.

Clearly with actions like that the two are on Team Valor. All other teams would have turned the other way. Yes, I'm on team Valor. GO RED.

If you want to read the story and see some pictures click the link here.