It's pretty certain that we are going to experience a major arctic blast this weekend. WQAD Storm Track 8 says that we could see wind chills in excess of 30 below zero Sunday. It's going to be a dangerous weekend.

Please remember that it is just as cold for the animals. They can and will suffer the same effects of the cold as you. So please keep your pets indoors this weekend. And when your dog has to go out please don't chain it out and leave it. Protect them and their paws from the snow, ice and cold. An animals fur DOES NOT give it the necessary protection from the type weather we are likely to experience this weekend.

If you see an animal in need, please help it. If you can catch a stray and get it to safety please do. If you see an animal that has been left out in the cold, here is what you can and should do according to the Humane Society of America. Animal cruelty is a misdemeanor crime in all 50 states. If you see something call 911 and report it.

Keep yourself and your furry friends safe this weekend.