Seeing more eight-legged creatures around your house lately? You're not imagining it.

It seems like the creepy, crawly creatures are all over the place, from my shower to my car (!).

It turns out we can blame the weather, according to the Chicago Tribune. They spoke to Jim Fredericks, chief entomologist at the National Pest Management Association, who said all that rain at the end of the summer (and lately) has caused the increase in spiders all over the Midwest.

"Chicago, and the Midwest more broadly, saw heavy rains and an increase in temperatures toward the end of the summer, leading to more mosquitoes, which means there’s an “abundance of food” for spiders to catch in their webs, Fredericks said."

Yep, the spiders are looking for a meal ticket, so they're sticking around hoping to catch mosquitos. Guess you can't really blame them.

So if you happen to see spiders hanging out this weekend, just remember, they're not there to pester you, they actually want to kill the more annoying bugs.