Area businesses are doing whatever they can to protect both customers and workers from contracting COVID-19.

One interesting new tactic that Schnucks and Hy-Vee stores are taking? Installing plexiglass barriers at checkout lanes, according to the QC Times.

“The spread of this virus is asking us all to take extraordinary measures and change the way we live our lives,” said Randy Edeker, Hy-Vee’s chairman, CEO and president. “We are continuing to adapt at Hy-Vee so that we can serve our customers and keep everyone in our stores as safe and healthy as possible.”

The panels are being added to all QC Hy-Vee locations and the Bettendorf Schnucks store. Hy-Vee has installed the plexiglass just at checkouts, while Schnucks has added the feature to the pharmacy and operating service counters as well.

Hy-Vee began the process last week and Schnucks will have all panels installed by Monday, March 30.

“While it is easier to practice social distancing in our aisles and other areas of the store, it can be more challenging at our checkout lanes and service counters,” said Paul Simon, senior communications specialist at Schnucks.

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