When we bought our house in Rock Island seventeen years ago, I couldn't wait to mow the lawn. I know, it sounds weird, but to me that was the sign that I was a homeowner. I'm mowing MY lawn!

Seventeen years later, I hate all yard work, with the exception of raking leaves in autumn. The smell, the sound, the colors - I love them. I used to love raking even more when the city of Rock Island allowed you to burn your leaves, but I understand how that practice caused health issues for some folks and had to be curtailed.

Like all things in the Quad Cities, the rules for disposing of your leaves varies from city to city. With raking just around the corner, here are the particulars for getting rid of your leaves in your city.

ROCK ISLAND - Free curbside leaf collection for residential refuse customers from Monday, October 10 through Friday, December 2. Rock Island also makes free leaf bags available to residents on a 'while supplies last' basis. Locations are listed here.

MOLINE - Though Moline has trucks that vacuum leaves, residents are encouraged to bag their leaves and take advantage of the free leaf bag collection period, rather than wait for the leaf vacuum collection. Leaf vacuuming is intended to aid in leaf disposal during the peak season and should not be considered the primary means of disposal. Leaf collection in Moline also runs from Monday, October 10 through Friday, December 2.

EAST  MOLINE - Every Wednesday beginning on Monday, October 10, East Moline will have free leaf bags (5 per household per week) available to residents at the City Annex at 912 16th Avenue, the Water office, or the Maintenance facility.  Pickup of leaf bags begins Wednesday, October 19, and continues each Wednesday until December.

BETTENDORF - Free curbside leaf bag pickup begins Wednesday, October 17 and runs until Friday, December 2. Bags will be picked up on regular trash collection days. Scott County residents can also drop leaf bags at the Davenport Compost Facility for free between October 17 and November 26 with ID. Despite the leaf bag pickup, Bettendorf encourages residents to mulch their leaves.

DAVENPORT - Free curbside leaf bag pickup begins on Wednesday, October 17 and ends Saturday, November 26. Residents can also drop leaves in any container except plastic bags at the Davenport Compost Facility for free between October 17 and November 26. Scott County residents only with ID.