It's not everyday that the Quad Cities gets a national spotlight shown on us, but when we do it's for something completely spectacular.

And then along comes Kyle Trotter from Davenport, who was recognized as the Queso Cup winner presented by Pancheros Mexican Grill in honor of National Queso Day which is today (September 20).

Saying on his Facebook page, "Apparently I’ve ate(sic) at Pancheros more then anyone else in the whole country." And boy did he.Check out these stats... he had 253 queso orders in 11 months/ That impressive an average of 1.5 queso orders per day in his 155 lunch visits at the Davenport Panchero on Utica Ridge Rd.

Kyle Trotter via Facebook

Kyle earned the top honor for ordering the most queso over the past year across the entire country.

Kyle Trotter via Facebook

Here's our conversation with Kyle from this morning:


In a statement from Pancheros,

“When Kyle began visiting our restaurant very frequently, we convinced him to download the Pancheros app so he could take advantage of the Pancheros loyalty program. We’re happy he was on board, as the app kept track of his orders and allowed him to be deemed as the top contender for the Queso Cup,” says Dan Sacco, co-owner of Pancheros in Davenport on Utica Ridge alongside franchisee counterpart Doug Ormsby. “Every restaurant owner desires to have customers who, like Kyle, become such avid fans of the food and the experience. We’re thankful for his business and look forward to providing him with free queso in the year ahead.”


“When I first learned about Kyle’s love of our queso, I was both surprised and impressed,” adds Ryan Murrin, vice president of franchise development and marketing at Pancheros Mexican Grill. “His dedication to Pancheros and our queso is a true testament to just how loyal our customer base is. As the first-ever Queso Cup award recipient, we hope he dons his title with as much pride as we had in presenting it to him.”

Pancheros is celebrating National Queso Day by offering free queso on any entree to loyalty members who have the Pancheros app. Any Pancheros App user as of Sep. 19th  will be eligible for this offer, valid from Sept. 20th through Oct. 4th.