Have you ever been out of town and been to a restaurant that you thought NEEDS to be in the Quad Cities? Here's a list of some of the best restaurants not in the area.

1. Portillo's Hot Dogs

Portillo's is ROYALTY in the Chicago area.  Friday and Saturday nights see cars in line at the drive-thru as far as the eye can see.  Famous for hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, salads and "cake shakes", Quad Citians who haven't been to Portillo's have no idea what they're missing.

Recently, a Facebook page "Bring Portillo's to the Quad Cities" was created and has generated over 13,000 likes in a little over a week.  Spokespeople for the restaurant have responded saying they're delighted by the enthusiasm but haven't made any promises.

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2. Five Guys Burgers & Fries

Many claim Five Guys' burgers are "to die for", and have eaten more than a few myself, I definitely agree.  It's not just the burgers though.  Five Guys has excellent hot dogs and the best fries I've ever had the pleasure of eating.

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3. Popeye's Louisiana Chicken

Undoubtedly you've seen Popeye's commercials on TV.  Yes, the chicken and biscuits ARE as good as they look.  There's a location a few blocks away from Wrigley Field and I make it a priority to stop there every time I go up to Chicago for a game.

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4. Jack in the Box

A West Coast sensation.  Many call it the best burger they've ever eaten.  Why doesn't Jack in the Box come to the QC so we can find out for ourselves?

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5. The Cheesecake Factory

In addition to an overall menu filled with food that will blow you away, The Cheesecake Factory is world famous for their...well...cheesecake.  I don't like cheesecake at all, and I LOVED the one I had at The Cheesecake Factory.