A tour bus belonging to bluegrass queen Rhonda Vincent was involved in a terrifying hit and run accident while traveling to a show recently.

Vincent is the reigning International Bluegrass Music Association's Female Vocalist of the Year, and one of the most-awarded bluegrass performers in the world. She tours extensively with her band the Rage, and as she recounts in the video above, which she posted to Facebook on May 14, her band members were rolling down the road about an hour outside of Baltimore on Friday, May 13, when the bus came to a fork in the road.

Rage bass player Mickey Harris was driving at the time, and as he approached the split, he saw an 18-wheeler barreling directly toward him that apparently didn't see the bus. Harris swerved to avoid a head-on collision. The semi did strike the bus, but everyone on board avoided injury thanks to Harris' quick response. According to Vincent — who was not on the bus when the accident took place, but was informed about it afterward — the 18-wheeler left the scene and drove away. Her band members were "absolutely scared to death," she says, but they were fine, while the bus sustained some damage.

"I am very disappointed that someone would hit somebody like that and just drive off," she says in the above clip, then addresses the driver directly: "So, whoever you are ... it just disappoints me, I guess, that anyone would do that. You should take responsibility."

Despite the damage to the bus and the hard time they had in transit, Vincent and her band were able to make it to their regularly scheduled shows at Dollywood and resume their performing schedule.

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