They've been in business for 71 years and hold some rich Quad Cities history.

For as long as I can remember, Barkan's clothing store has been in downtown Rock Island. I grew up in Rock Island and it was just always there. I loved their selection of clothing and even remembered when Paula Sands on KWQC had a showcase of Barkan's clothing on her show.

According to, owner Steve Barkan is retiring after working there 51 years.

"Changes in how people shop contributed to the decision, he said. Barkan's clientele generally are younger and less loyal than earlier generations, he said. Staying open and moving forward would take more capital than he was willing to expend."

Steve and his family served our community faithfully for 71 years and that is worth a big, 'Thank you.' I know Barkan's will be missed and I'm happy for Steve's opportunity to spend time with his family once he retires.