Joey + Rory's love story is an example to many. In a blog post at his personal This Life I Live blog, Rory pays tribute to his wife and duo partner in the form of a three minute photo montage with the recording of their unreleased song "In the Time That You Gave Me."

The video includes a slideshow of photos from Joey's life — moments at home with loved ones, reading to their daughter, in the hospital room and wedding photos are coupled alongside Joey fishing, celebrating their daughter's first and second birthdays, Joey + Rory performing together at the Grand Ole Opry as well as photos with late legends Little Jimmy Dickens and George Jones.

"I went through some pictures on my computer last night and let them take me back. Back to when we met … oh, how young and beautiful she looked. And I let them carry me through the years, to where we are now," Rory remarks in 'One Last Kiss.' "Lying here beside me, she is still so beautiful to me. We recorded a song a few years ago by Shawn Camp and Dennis Morgan for the same album that we recorded 'When I’m Gone' on, but it didn’t make the record. I think maybe it was on some special bonus version somewhere, but for the most part nobody’s ever heard it. I came across it the other day and put some of Joey’s photos with it … I could barely listen or watch at first. But then, as I listened and watched more … I smiled more and I cried less. It’s called 'In the Time That You Gave Me.'"

The beautiful song has new meaning for the couple, now as Joey Feek comes to the end of her battle with Stage 4 cancer. In the same post, Rory reveals that his wife is getting ready to go home, as she recently said her goodbyes to their family.

"In the time that God gave her … I believe Joey’s given all she could give," he concludes. "She’s loved all she could love and lived all she could live. And her fait h… yes, it’s strong enough to save her. I know she’s done Him and all of us proud … in the time that He gave her."

While he stays close to his wife, Rory is also keeping things as normal as possible for the couple's daughter, Indy. His older daughter, Heidi, shared the below video of the singer and his 2-year-old dancing in the kitchen, smiling and happy.

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