'They' say, you get what you pay for.  With these ads, I'm afraid it's true!

1. Free Outside Rear View Mirror


Not sure what kind of truck it fits on but it 'could' or 'should' fit a Chevy. But maybe it could work on a Ford or a demo derby vehicle! You never know when a good, used, outside rear view may come in handy.

2. Free Black Walnut Shavings


'Uhm ...' I say with a laugh. I imagine this lining the bottom of something or perhaps I could use it in a smoothie?

3. Free Tree on the Ground


This is a real treat.  Once you find it, you get to cut it up and haul it away, too! Sounds like 'free' labor and tree removal to me.

4. Free Couch (but cat may be optional).


I can't figure out if the cat is possessive of this free item or if the cat comes with it.

5. Free Truck Manual from 1983


Is this considered 'vintage?'  I have not seen a car on the road from 1983 since at least early 2000s!  This could be buried in a time capsule.

6. Free for Scrappers


If you scrap, you're in luck. This beauty should come apart nicely for you, once you bring your blow torch.


7. Free Outdated Magazines


From the rack at 'Hoarders-R-Us' straight to your home, you too, can now have outdated magazines for arts, projects or that paper mache bed you've always dreamed of making.