This comes as a shock to our entire community.

According to, the highly acclaimed and loved Rock Island restaurant, Ganson's, has closed.

I am shocked beyond shocked because of how popular and loved Ganson's is. I am a fan of their gluten-free baked goods and it's a place my children always loved to go. I loved driving by, seeing the smiles on everyone's faces as they were going in and coming out of Ganson's. From the outside, it looks like an inviting house, nestled on the golf course on 38th Street. The nostalgia alone made you curious.

And then, there was the food. They served breakfast all day long and their desserts were made from scratch.

The owner, Christine Thompson has only disclosed that it was a 'personal decision rather than a lack of business.'

No word on whether or not the business will be sold.

Me and the rest of the Quad Cities will dearly miss you, Ganson's.