Just two days after their latest opening day in history, Ski Snowstar Winter Sports Park in Andalusia had to close Monday following an overnight electrical fire.

The fire reportedly started due to an electrical short in the kitchen on the 2nd floor of their Lunar Lodge.

Reported around 1:30 a.m. after overnight snow-makers saw flames coming from the lodge, the fire did some significant damage to the lodge's 2nd floor.

Fire crews responded quickly and put the fire out before it could reach the bottom floor.

Snowstar opened Saturday, which is the first time they've ever held their opening day after the new year.  They're also coming off a major remodel and rebrand.

Snowstar plans to open back up Tuesday at its normal time, with only the first floor of the lodge accessible.

Read more and see a picture of the damage HERE.


According to Snowstar's website, they will reopen on January 5 at 4 pm. The hills are still completely operational and they will provide "alternative indoor locations" while they work to rebuild the upper level of the lodge.