Cue the angels singing in the sunshine, Luke Bryan is bringing the weather with him!

When I saw the forecast for Friday and it had temps in the 50s, I felt a little leap in my heart and the pitter-patter of my soul jumping for joy!

It's been a looooong winter for me. As I get older, my ability to tolerate the bitter cold and winds (although, admittedly, not as bad as other winters) is getting lower and lower. I recluse, wear more yoga pants and pjs as normal attire and curse the frozen tundra we call the midwest so much, I officially now owe my children a vacation to Disney World. the 'swear jar' gets so full, I run out of cash, write I.O.U.s and now owe them a vacation. THAT is how much I loathe winter.

Here are the top 3 things we get to do this weekend that we've missed not being able to do for the past 3 months.

1. Exercise Outdoors

Walking along the river is a big one for me. I miss that every winter. Jogging, walking your pets or just taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood (who does that anymore, right?) is just made possible thanks to a peek of sunshine and warmer temps. Ahhhh.

2. Opening the Windows

Did someone say 'fresh air?' There is nothing like that cool breeze that brings in fresh air inside a stuffy, dry house that's been breezeless since winter began. That also presents an early opportunity to do some early spring cleaning. Trust me, once you open those windows, you'll see the crud in the window sill and start cleaning anyway. Can you feel it yet? I almost can!

3. Clean Out Your Car

Next to exercise and house cleaning, car cleaning is another moment of 'ahhh.' The nasty salt on the outside, the trampled in mud, rocks and salt on the carpet floors makes the inside feel, well, like another back door area where all the winter boots, coats and hats go...only on wheels. It's like that all the time, everywhere you go. And if you practically live in the car like I do (hauling kiddos around), then your car can begin to feel not-so-enjoyable.

As for me, I'm going to enjoy the hottness that is Luke Bryan this Friday in Peoria and thank him for bringing some warmth with him to the midwest. I believe he's part of both the sunshine and the breeze that's blowing in this weekend.