Keep an eye out for these vehicles in and around the QC.

When I read about two separate instances of attempting to lure a child within 24 hours of one another, I just had to do what I could help.

Pleasant Valley School District in Bettendorf, IA. was left on high-alert yesterday after a student was approached after school by a man at Hopewell Elementary School.

I learned from our news partners at,

"According to the Pleasant Valley School District, a man driving a red four-door car went up to a student at Hopewell Elementary on Wednesday afternoon and tried to get the student in the car. That didn't happen, and the student told school staff and their parents immediately. This prompted a message to be sent out to parents Wednesday night and extra school resource officers near the school Thursday morning."

It makes me wonder how many other students he tried to lure who may not have told anyone.

If you have any information about this incident, you are urged to call the Bettendorf Police Department. (563) 344-4015.

A suspicious white van has residents on alert down the road in Blue Grass, IA.

Two 'questionable' individuals were seen roaming in the van around the outskirts of the city. Police posted the warning on their Facebook page. also reported on this incident.

Police also made note of door-to-door solicitors. They advise that homeowners first ask whether the salesperson has a peddlers permit.

“If they say no, tell them you are not interested in what they have to say until they secure one from City Hall,” police said. Authorities ask that residents in this situation call 911 after the solicitor leaves, so police can verify that it is a legitimate business.

What it comes down to is, “if you see something suspicious call 911,” according to police.

Let's keep our communities safe and keep an eye out, helping one another.