VIDEO: Bridge Girder for New I-74 Bridge Falls
There were some scary moments on site of the construction of the new I-74 bridge this week.
A girder being hoisted by a crane twisted and fell to the ground.
No one was injured. The beam is being inspected to see if it can still be used...
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 7/5/18
Rain this p.m. will cool things down; Tragic accident after Red, White & Boom; Madison Keys wins 2nd round match at Wimbledon; Craig's Question: What things do you do to make Mondays more bearable?
Moline to Dump Non-Resident First Responder Fee
It's been controversial from the get-go - a fee charged to non-residents of Moline who utilize the services of first responders. We first told you about the fee back in March.
Out-of-town drivers passing through Moline have been surprised by the law that has been on the books for&…
Cyclist Dead Near Quad City Airport
Police are still investigating the cause of a tragic accident near Quad City Airport in Moline this morning.
The Rock Island Argus reports that a cyclist riding along I-74 was struck by a vehicle, sending the rider off the overpass onto I-280 below...
Sneezing Fit Causes Wreck in Davenport
It happens to all of us - that sneeze that builds. The sneeze you know is going to be the mother of all sneezes. The sneeze that pops your ears and rattles your teeth. The sneeze that blinds, deafens and disorients you.
According to published report, for a Davenport man, a series of mega-sneezes lead…
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 2/20
Weather-wise, it's going to be a great President's Day for those who have it off.
1 - We had our warmest February temperature EVER yesterday when the thermometer hit 74º at Quad Cities airport. Today will be a little cooler, but reminiscent of a late Spring day as we see a little rain,…
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 2/14
Happy Valentine's Day!
1 - As is the case with many holidays, some love, and some loathe, Valentine's Day. But, how did we end up here? According to the folks at, Valentine's Day is yet another holiday co-opted by the church to woo Pagans to the Christian faith...

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