Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 11/20
We're getting a bonus, pleasant fall weather day today.
1 - South winds will boost our temps into the mid-50's today making it a great day to goof off and maybe go home early and rake leaves (that's what I'll be doing). Temps drop again late Tuesday...
Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 10/4
Feeling more like October today.
1 - Showers will linger through the morning with the real heavy rain - up to 5 inches - beginning tomorrow through Friday. Forecast details are here.
2 - Davenport are investigating a threat to Davenport North highs school that appeared on social media last night.…
Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 4/18
Another great day for a "sick day."
1 - Sunshine and warm temps rule the day. We might see a brief shower west of the Mississippi. Humidity will be a little higher leading to a warm, humid, July-like day for Wednesday with the chance of late day storms...
Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 3/9
It's almost the weekend. Today is Barbie's birthday. The doll was introduced on this date in 1959.
1 - The National Weather Service has determined that three tornadoes touched down in the Quad Cities on Monday night. Today won't be anywhere near as active...