Costco Will Pay Quad-City Cashiers $54,000
In high school I was a cashier for a local gift shop where I earned $3.35 an hour. Cashiers at Davenport’s new Costco can expect to earn a whole lot more!
According to a Costco representative, full-time cashiers with five years’ service at the coming Costco Wholes…
New Costco in Davenport is Approved
After a few months of administrative hurdles, Davenport council gave the final go-ahead for a new Costco store near the Elmore Ave/53rd Street intersection.
The new store will be over 150,000 square feet and include a gas station.
According to a report in the Dispatch-Argus, the new Costco is expected…
Davenport Costco One Step Closer
We're one step closer to loading up on bulk stuff at a new retailer.
Reports say Davenport city staff are recommending that the Planning & Zoning Commission approves plans for the development of a new Costco on 53rd Street near Elmore.
Costco Public Meeting Tonight in Davenport
A couple of weeks ago, we told you about plans in the works to bring a Costco to the 53rd Street corridor in Davenport.
Tonight, a meeting will be held to get the public input on the plans for the retailer on a 17-acre plot northeast of the 53rd Street & Elmore Avenue intersection.